About Us

A message from our owner:

Hi everyone, I'm Amy and I am the creator, owner, social media editor, administrator and face behind Zest Soy Candles UK. 

I started this business in November 2020 after leaving my paralegal job at a solicitors as this did not provide me with the flexibility I needed for my two small children. I have always had a passion for candles, mostly lighting them! I was shocked by how much soot was being created by the candles I was lighting. I had a new born baby and a 2 year old at the time and I felt that these candles were not safe around my children, I did not want them to continue to breath in the toxins.


I started to look deeper into the candles, how they are made and the various different waxes which might be safer for my children. I began to make my own candles and experiment with various different types of wax, wicks and fragrance oils. 


I feel relaxed and in my element when making candles which was miles away from the stressful job I had previously. After I gifted some of the candles to my family and friends, they recommended for me to start my own business and so Zest Soy Candles UK was born. 


I hope you will love our products as much as I do! 


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